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    Fushinkou (Unbelief) Clan


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    Fushinkou (Unbelief) Clan Empty Fushinkou (Unbelief) Clan

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    Fushinkou (Unbelief) Clan 29985922

    Clan Classification
    Bloodline Limit

    Kekkei Genkai/Clan Jutsu
    Innate + Doujutsu


    Member of the Fushinkou clan are born with Grey Eyes, the eyes look as if they don’t attain a pupil, yet they do, except the pupil is the same color as the Iris itself, giving the illusion of no pupil. The Fushinkou clan is known for their special Kekkei Genkai that allows them to ignore pain and emotions. This is due to their uncanny control of the 361 chakra points that filter throughout the body. Abnormal to most humans, Fushinkou have added cells within each node that allows for them to shut off certain feelings. Their special control over Tenketsu runs throughout the body.

    Dressing Style

    Fushinkou members often wear cloaks or robes.
    They also usually wear darker colors such as Blues, Grays and Blacks.

    Clan Symbol
    Fushinkou (Unbelief) Clan 75727666

    The Fushinkou are a very prideful and well known clan within Kirigakure.
    They take their role as Shinobi very serious, and abide by every Shinobi Rule, particularly these 3.
    Rule 4: "A shinobi must always put the mission first."
    Rule 25: "A Shinobi must never show tears."
    Rule 36: "A shinobi must never show attachment."

    Over prolonged use of their Kekkei Genkai, Fushinkou members often lose the ability to feel emotions.
    Due to their Kekkei Genkai, the Fushinkou fail to feel emotion towards other, such as sympathy, love or hate.

    Number Cap

    Kekkei Genkai Info
    Fushinkou [Unbelief]
    The bloodline is activated and deactivated at the will of the user. During the time that the bloodline is active, the user feels no physical pain and can minimize emotional stress. However, as long as the Kekkei Genkai is in effect, it slowly drains the users chakra. The final state of this bloodline is the state of true unbelief. It is when the user of the technique has been killed, and their heart stops moving. However because of the nature of this bloodline the user will continue to fight on for a short while, as the rest of the body refuses to believe that it is dead. This is not, however, a resurrection technique, as once it is over, the user is dead. This ability/phase lasts for 5 posts.

    Fushingan [Unbelieving Eye]
    This Doujutsu when activated is somewhat similar to the Byakugan, in its ability to see another person’s Tenketsu points, except this is the Doujutsu’s only ability. The Fushingan needs to be activated as members are not born with it. The Fushingan is activated once the ninja first performs an Unbelief technique, the unbelieving ability will trigger the Fushingan to activate.
    The Fushingan when activated the Iris will turn a pitch black color, and expand all over the eye, creating a black eye, with a gray pupil.

    Clan Jutsu
    ~Fushinkou Heki [Unbeliefs Impale]
    B-Rank Taijutsu
    Utilizing his bloodline, the user will move very slightly and allow for an enemies weapon to impale or jab into a body part and not feel pain. He will move just in the right formation so that the blade misses anything vital and becomes lodged in their body at the least damaging spot. This gives the user free versatility to either yank the weapon free or follow up with a surprise counter of their own. This attack can be very taxing if not performed correctly.

    ~Fushinkou no Riariti [Unbelief of Reality]
    C-Rank Ninjutsu
    Prerequisite: Jounin/A-Rank Level
    A dangerous gamble with their kekkei Genkai, this disallows the clan member from grasping any concept of stamina or weight. For this reason, they can swing much heavier items with ease or train/fight without succumbing to exhaustion(Or rather... not having his exhaustion distract him). Due to the nature of this technique, it can be very hazardous to the health of the user. Lifting large items too heavy for their body can cause severe strain on their muscle tissue and it is not unheard of for a user to work himself to death unknowingly.

    ~Fushinkou no Irixyu-joni [Unbelief of Illusion]
    C-Rank Ninjutsu
    A portion of their kekkei Genkai that helps clan members realize that they are inside a genjutsu. This does not neccesarily help members 'out' of the genjutsu, but helps them distinguish for a brief moment of illusion from reality. Their special control over their chakra nodes will resonate briefly as they apply their bloodline to fight off genjutsu for a couple seconds.

    ~Fushinkou no Jou [Unbelief of Emotion]
    C-Rank Ninjutsu
    By applying the kekkei Genkai into their frontal lobes of their brain, clan members are able to cut off most negative emotions that will distract them from a fight. This is not just pain, but includes things such as sympathy, laziness, fear, attachment, misery, compassion, or mercy.

    ~Fushinkou no Osore [Unbelief of Fear]
    D-Rank Ninjutsu
    By applying the kekkei Genkai into their frontal lobes of their brain, clan members are able to cut off all emotions of fear, panic, or fright. In this state, they are unable to comprehend fear and lack any capabilities of being surprised.

    ~Fushinkou no Doku [Unbelief of Poison]
    C-Rank Ninjutsu
    Utilizing their Kekkei Genkai throughout their body, they may ignore the effects of B-rank poisons/toxins or lower that have infiltrated their body. This must be used within two posts of being poisoned before it is out of their control.

    ~Fushinkou no Souhou [Unbelief of Touch]
    C-Rank Ninjutsu
    By applying the kekkei Genkai into the personal sensors located all over their body, clan members are able to cut off all feeling of touch. This doesn't just include pain, but all forms of feeling over their body. Liquid, grass, and temperature is unable to be grasped by the user. Due to the nature of the jutsu, the user feels almost as if he is floating on thin air.

    ~Fushinkou no Hibiki [Unbelief of Sound]
    D-Rank Ninjutsu
    This technique allows the user to shut off all noise received by the users ears. By applying the kekkei Genkai of the clan to they’re ears only, the user prevents any noise to the ears from affecting him/her.

    ~Fushinkou no Nioi [Unbelief of Smell]
    D-Rank Ninjutsu
    This technique allows the user to shut off all smells or scents received by the users nose. By applying the kekkei Genkai of the clan to they’re nose only, the user prevents any irritating smells to the nose from affecting him/her. In this state, they are still able to breath, but cut off any senses used by this receptor.

    ~Fushinkou no Gokuin [Unbelief of Seals]
    D-Rank Ninjutsu
    Depending on the users own skill in genjutsu, they may repel a genjutsu attack made against them. This is the same exact functioning of Kai, but because this involves the Fushinkou's Kekkei Genkai, it does not require hand seals to activate.

    Their upbringing and foundation has raised some of the most ruthless and calculating Ninjas of Kirigakure, but are always known to 'get the job done.' Failure of any missions are met with extreme punishment and resentment from the clan. Signs of emotion is looked down upon and the Clan is known to use old practices to exhert their bloodline into the young.

    Their beliefs are highly popular and recognized in the Mist Village and throughout history, it is fairly common to see Fushinkou Clan members in high ranking positions of the Village. Their Clan were one of the many founding clans that started Kirigakure and has had a significant impact on politics since its birth. After a strong distrust towards Kekkei Genkai began to appear, Fushinkou Clan was highly persecuted for their cold demeanor and abnormal resistance, but not without retaliation. Under strong leadership, the clan survived and actually did fairly better than most other clans and still prides itself as an elitists clan in Kirigakure.

    Fushinkou (Unbelief) Clan 2ij6kd1
    [Mizukage - Kago Kyuusaisha]
    [Genin - Chouka Akimichi]

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