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    Hokage's Anbu: Kousuke Nara


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    Post  Akane on Thu Jun 10, 2010 12:34 am

    Name► Kousuke “The Shade” Nara
    Gender► Male
    Age► 24

    Personality► Kousuke is a sharp individual thanks to his training. He is generally quiet and not very outspoken but is dedicated to his clan and village. Kousuke is a thinking type, often mediating has made him begin to realize things and become a gentler type. This gentle disposition does not interfere with his combat since he knows that certain things must be done.
    He is level-headed, practical, and a rational thinker. As a result, she is the one who tends to stress over details. He's not the type to tire easily and is very energetic while at work, often urging Kaiden to finish the paperwork in order to avoid mountains of unsigned documents later on. He is often seen asking Kaiden about what to do with the village and the shinobi on missions.

    Kousuke is blind but has much higher senses then other ninja. This lets him fight on the same level as other shinobi by sensing movement in the air, sounds he hears, and many other factors. He can even tell if he is within a large shadow or not by gauging the temperature on his skin.
    Hokage's Anbu: Kousuke Nara Emoguy
    No skull on his belt.
    Village► Konoha

    Rank► Anbu

    Chakra Affinity► Yin (shadow)
    Secondary Affinity► Doton
    Inventory►Carries kunai in pouches just above his knees. Has 2 pouches on the sides of his waist which carry various items. % flash bombs in one side 5 smoke in the other. 10 senbon in each. A roll of wire in one and 2 scrolls in the other.
    Weapon► Does not regularly use a weapon.

    Fighting style► Likes to stay in close to the opponent so his shadow jutsu have high chance of being effective not to mention more powerful and less chakra consuming. He is able to fight at a high level with taijutsu with grabs/holds/strikes.
    When in a fighting stance Kousuke's left foot is pointed straight at the opponent, his right leg is set shoulder width behind that and he turns his torso to face the opponent. Legs are only slightly bent creating a fairly vertical stance. His hands raise to chest level the left hand about 2 feet from his chest while his right is around ½ a foot, both hands positions behind one another in the centre of his chest.. His palms are left open for easy grappling and special enhanced strikes. This stance allows him to easily shrug off powerful blows with the twist of his wrist or arm.

    Shadow Jutsu

    Kage Mane no Jutsu:
    Kage Mane no Jutsu is a ninjutsu technique developed by the Nara clan. It's original purpose was as a skill to help delay any pursuers. After forming the needed hand seal, the clan member is able to manipulate their shadow along any surface. By using other nearby shadows they can further extend the reach of their shadow. Once the clan members shadow reaches the target shadow, it will attach itself. While attached the target will be frozen, only able to replicate in mirror form the actions of the clan member. If the clan member is low on chakra, the Kage Mane will falter and the shadow will return to its normal form.

    Kage Nui:
    Kage Nui is a ninjutsu technique developed by the Nara clan. To perform the technique Kousuke will first form the needed hand seal to extend his shadow. Kousuke will then change the hand seal to cause the shadow to emerge from the ground in tendrils. The tendrils can extend and whip about and are strong enough to pierce nearby targets.

    Kake Kubi Shibari no Jutsu:
    Kage Kubi Shibari no Jutsu is a ninjutsu technique developed by the Nara clan. To perform the technique the clan member will first bind their target using the Kage Mane no Jutsu technique. Once the target can no longer move, they form the needed hand seal to initiate this technique. The clan member uses their shadow to form a hand which will creep up their opponents body to their neck. Once the hand reaches the neck, it will constrict in such a manner so as to strangle the opponent. However, the clan member will need to be careful. If their target has a lot of chakra, they can turn back the shadow hand and prevent it from binding their neck.

    Kage Yose no Jutsu:
    Kage Yose no Jutsu is a ninjutsu technique developed by Nara. This technique uses the Kage Nui threads to extend from a Kage Kubi Shibari bound on the body. These threads can then pull an object back towards the one bound.

    Shadow Chasm:
    Shadow Chasm warps the target's shadow into a dark circle around them, into which they fall up to their chest, and remain there. Then the user can, at their will, use other jutsu. Must have control of the opponents shadow to preform but once done is self sustaining.

    Shadow Prison:
    Shadow prison works in the same sense of the water prison jutsu but captures the target from range and exposes them to complete darkness. This jutsu is formed and held by making the users hand form as if they are grasping something like a ball. They can begin to close there hand to put crushing pressure on the trapped target and/or they can use there free hand to control the shadow to form a large claw controlled by there hands movements. These techniques can be preformed separately as needed.

    True Shadow Clone:
    This jutsu creates another perfect replication of Kousuke from his own shadow. Once the clone is completely manifested the shadow splits giving the creation free movement. The clone is given enough chakra to use the Kage Mane jutsu but that is it. It can withstand 1-2 solid hits before dispersing.

    Shadow Suicide:
    This technique is the expansion on the true shadow clone. Kousuke will first attempt to capture his opponent in the Kage Mane jutsu and naturally have his actions be mirrored by the opponent. While kept still the shadow clone will then use its own Kage Mane taking over the imitation rights from Kousuke. This allows the clone to hold the target and Kousuke to use whatever he pleases in the time he has or the clone can merely use the mimic attribute to damage the opponent with his own weapons.

    Shadow Shade:
    One of Kousuke's specials. From his shadow he will manifest another version of himself, usually equipped with a longsword. This illusion of himself is very much real and can cut, stab or otherwise kill an opponent in kenjutsu. Its biggest benefit is its shadow form letting normal attack pass through it and only its sword being the only solid part. The eyes will glow purple and leave a hazy trail as it moves given the look of a nightmarish creature. This ability got Kousuke his nickname “The Shade”

    Binding Touch:
    This is another specialty Kousuke came up with when against skilled taijutsu fighters. When taking hits from an opponent his shadow can automatically attach to them binding them in place just as the Kage Mane jutsu would. This happens by the shadow traveling up swiftly or even off the shadows created by his clothing. It requires him to take a hit but it never fails as it is direct contact. Even when hit away from the opponent the shadow becomes physical to survive in the air and then travel to the ground when Kousuke hits the ground.

    Shadow Merge:
    This technique and many Nara members find there own way to this technique. Kousuke is able to “fall” into his own shadow, avoiding damage and being able to sustain a hit from taijutsu by sinking into his shadow only slightly to absorb the possibly strong impacts. When he fully merges with his shadow it disappears and he will reappear from another shadow within a limited area.

    Shadow Striking Bird:
    Developed by Kousuke as a powerful close range blow with his shadow techniques. He will allow his shadow to collect on his own hand in preparation for this. When an opening ovvurs Kousuke will drive his fist into the opponents torso, upon impact a Kage Nui will trigger piercing the opponent at close range straight through there body. If need be Kousuke will retract Kage Nui and instantly swith to Kage Mane so a counter attack would not occur.

    Inner Darkness:
    This is a very special technique developed to counter the Nara's weakness in bad lighting conditions. The user slams his foot on the ground to combine with whatever shadow he may be within and is preventing his shadows from being effective. When he does this he can form a rift from the edge of the shadow to himself causing a clear area that his shadows can stretch from. This technique can only create a rift in one place but when cancelled closes and can be placed elsewhere. Since it must be maintained it takes extra chakra to use.

    Earth Jutsu:

    Doton no Jutsu (Earth Release Technique):
    Doton no Jutsu, the act of using the Earth Element, allows the ninja to change their chakra into earth. This allows the ninja to go into the earth and hide from his opponents, manipulate the earth in attacks or create earth to use against their opponents.

    Earth Spear:
    The user flows chakra through all parts of their body, which hardens their skin to a steel-like quality. This increases their defensive power to the utmost limits. The user's skin becomes much darker, an almost black color. Furthermore, the destructive power of physical attacks is increased, making this a great all-purpose technique. The amount of techniques that can break through the areas hardened by the Earth Spear are close to zero, not including its undeniable weak point: Lightning release ninjutsu.

    Containment Cell:
    The user infuses the ground beneath the target with his chakra. The farther away that target is, the more charge time is needed. After charging, the ground forms into a ball around the target, trapping them.

    Viral Earth:
    The user imbues his chakra within dirt and must find a way to get that dirt onto the target. Once it is on them the jutsu takes effect, the dirt seems to grow around the opponent until they are fully covered after which it begins to harden into stone.

    Weight of Worlds:
    This technique is used to throw an opponent severely off balance. Kousuke builds chakra within his leg and stomps the ground to cause a small scale earthquake. This can also be used directly on an opponent which would cause great damage and is highly capable of breaking bone.

    Kouga will build chakra in his palms and slam them into the ground causing a small or large fissure in the ground depending on chakra used. The fissure occurs from the chakra used splitting the earth along a path Kousuke wishes, meaning it can follow an opponent for a small amount of time before reaching its closing on the other end.

    Stone Formation:
    This jutsu will form a nest of stone spikes to burst from the ground around the target at first then will enclose on him. This is a perfect technique to first block escape and then deal a damgaing blow but can be escaped by jumping high enough.

    Binding Chains:
    This ninjutsu technique will transform the earth under the opponent into many thick chains that will proceed to bind the opponent and hold him/her down. The chains are fairly hard to break but a strong person would beable to fight there way out.

    Earth Clone:
    This technique creates a clone made of mud of the user. Since its made of mud, it can continue to reform and mold itself back to its original shape.

    Tearing Earth Turning Palm
    This technique causes the ground surrounding the enemy to spiral inwards on itself, burying them alive or crushing them. This technique is much more damaging if used in rocky mountainous areas, or inside a cave.

    Earth Dome:
    The user creates an earth dome, which protects them from external attacks. It is also capable of withstanding severe stress as well.

    Earth Style Wall:
    This ninjutsu is used to defend against an incoming attack by creating a solid wall of earth. Chakra is converted to earth within the body and then spat out. This earth then instantly rises up and takes form. The barrier itself is also coated with chakra, making its strength incomparable to that of a normal mud wall. Because of the earth's special characteristics, the wall is highly resistant against, for instance, fire and water. Also, for a Kage-class shinobi it is possible to create a vast volume of earth.


    Shadow Strike:
    This moves lets kouga strike directly at an opponents inner organs and muscle. By bypassing physical contact and quickly striking within the body the opponent wil quickly succumb to enormous pains and dysfunctions in his actions. This technique however does not possess the ability to kill a target.

    Earth Style Left Claw:
    This technique focuses Kousukes earth chakra into forming a gauntlet and pauldron on his left arm. These pieces form from highly dense materials within the earth making them great for absorbing impact and strengthening an attack. The spines on both pieces mean that being blocked by this will hurt the attacker more then the blocker when faced with physical blows.
    Hokage's Anbu: Kousuke Nara Desebrclawg

    Shadow Style Right Fist:
    Rather then earth chakra Kousuke uses his shadow chakra to crate only a gauntlet on his right hand. This significantly increases the power behind his punches and allows basic shadow jutsu to be used when making contact.
    Hokage's Anbu: Kousuke Nara Gauntlet



    Kuchiyose no Jutsu:
    Raikou Kenka is a Ninjutsu summoning technique utilized by Kousuke. Kousuke placed these marks on his wrists. From here he could quickly summon multiple bladed weapons, including various forms of shuriken. Also he has been known to summon exploding tags.

    Story► Kousuke as a child was loved by his family and never felt fear or pain because of the care they showed him. When he was admitted into the academy he was not among the top just average, never managed to complete a bushin for his life but he was determined and worked hard. During his years at the academy Kousuke befriended another Nara clan member and the two made there way through. Kaiden had it easy and was talented at the skills needed but Kousuke had to work very hard to just keep up. When they finally graduated they were put into a team toghether but also got the one kid no one really liked in the academy. Ell, the villages unknown ice user.
    The three although being completely different worked well together and survived the missions that really tested them. All of them progressed easily through there genin years. His chunnin years are were things went wrong and became severely difficult for him.
    Kousuke was given the chance to see if he beard another affinity and bore the fruit of the doton element. He was happy to receive such a powerful ability knowing all to well hard training would come to master it, after all moving the earth was not going to be easy. He trained hard and long for days on end, making small progress each day. Eventually he had completed a few technique and upon trying to learn yet another the accident occured.
    He was creating a jutsu that would make the earth below his target almost instantly form rock spikes in an almost crystal formation. What went wrong is that the jutsu did not occur where intended and Kousuke was to close, two of the large extrusions pierced his eyes causing him to quickly lose sight and go blind.
    Told he would never be a ninja again he refused the comfort others tried to give him, he did not want it anymore since it no longer was comforting success but pity. It infuriated him knowing that everyone only thought of his failure now and pitied his accident. He grew determined to continue his own training taking in a new regimen to enhance his senses to cover for his lack of sight.
    During the day he continued the use of his jutsu under the guidance of his family willing to help him live a false dream. During the night he meditated and listened, smelled, touched at each moment during his walks. Learning all about the sounds , smells, and feeling of different things.
    It was a very long and laborious journey that he completed and rejoined the ninja ranks after proving he was capable. Kaiden was the most help during the process, alway believing that Kousuke could still progress because he never let anything else stop him, he was the reckless and determined type after all. Kaiden helped with the training whenever he could and it strenthened the bond he and kousuke shared.
    His false hope became his life's accomplishment. Surpassing the expectation of others and continuing to progress. Fighting those with sight on equal terms thanks to his highly tuned senses.

    Later on when it was decided kaiden would become the hokage it was thought that the bond would be broken but Kaiden after all the hard work and progress knew Kousuke still had what it takes and made him his personal assistant and given the rank of anbu.

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    Shadow Chasm:
    Shadow Chasm warps the target's shadow into a dark circle around them, into which they fall up to their chest, and remain there. Then the user can, at their will, use other jutsu. <--- Could you just add under there, you must have Control over their shadow to do so, because at the moment, it says, you warp their shadow and they become trapped, you must somehow have to connect to their shadow to do so.

    Other than that little error, once fixed ill approve.

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    Ok that should be it then.

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