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    Kumo Genin: Takaga, Takusen


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    Kumo Genin: Takaga, Takusen Empty Kumo Genin: Takaga, Takusen

    Post  Takusen on Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:58 am

    Name: Takaga, Takusen
    Nicknames: Taku
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 125Lbs
    Hair: Jet black in color, falls down just past his shoulders, very rich and thick
    Eyes: Pale, light blue
    Body Build: Takusen's body isn't built for strength, he is streamline and built for speed, his body is thin, he is quite tall and is the right weight for his height
    Traits: Takusen's most noticeable trait be the two black dots placed on his head, they are placed around 1 inch above each eyebrow, yet they are covered with his hair. The next trait would be the two slashes on his back positioned on his shoulder blades. Takusen also has a Tribal Sun tattoo on his shoulder
    Clothing: Takusen doesn't where a shirt. His pants are very loose-fitting, black in color, they tuck into wraps around his ankles which then travel all down his foot. On his feet he wears the traditional shinobi sandals
    Forehead Protector: Worn on forehead, covered by his thick black hair
    Personality: Takusen is a confident individual, he isn't shy and will talk to anyone, about anything. Takusen is inpatient though, he doesn't like to be doing nothing, he always has to be doing something, relaxing isn't his thing. He is quite intelligent, yet not as smart as some of the other shinobi of equal rank. His confident attitude often gives the wrong impression, people look at him as overconfident and underestimating, yet the only thing he is truly confident with is his speed and his ability in Ninjutsu, his genjutsu is below average, whilst his Taijutsu is average compared to the other shinobi of equal rank. Takusen often relies on his Ninjutsu too much, and can be caught off guard easily with Genjutsu. Takusen is often described as ruthless in battle, yet his maintains composure, and isn't reckless. He knows of Respect and Trust, he knows he has to earn peoples respect and their trust. He also knows that Skill doesn't come easy, and he must train hard to achieve it. Yet he is willing to put in the time and effort to enhance his abilities. He also has a freakish attraction to light, this a trait given to him due to his Moth-like abilities.
    Kumo Genin: Takaga, Takusen Kagonsrppicture

    Rank: Genin
    Village: Konohagakure Leaf
    Moth Blades:
    Takusen wields two Katana blades, the blades are identical to each other, due to them being Dual blade. The hilt is just big enough for Takusen to hold it with two hands, yet his usually holds a blade in each hand. The blade has a light pink tint to it. Other than its pink tint to look at, it’s no different from a normal katana, a crosshatch pink and black design runs around the hilt. Takusen’s Moth Blades have a special ability, slathered on the blade there is a viscous liquid with a pink tint, these liquid if entered into the bloodstream, so if Takusen slices through the target skin, the liquid will thin out on contact with blood, making it so it can travel through the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream this liquid can be tracked as long as Takusen is in his Moth form. The liquid will disperse after 7 posts. If the liquid is in a target which is further away than a few miles, upon activation of his moth form, Takusen won’t be able to track it, due to the long distance between himself and the liquid. The blade actually produces this liquid itself, therefore more be kept in liquid proof sheaths.
    Takusen doesn’t wield a large range of weapons.
    *10 Kunai stored in a pouch on his sash
    *20 Shuriken stored in a pouch on his sash

    Jutsu Specialty: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu
    Chakra Affinity: Raiton

    Bloodline Limit: None
    Moth Jutsu
    Gasouken Moth Creation
    D Rank Ninjutsu
    Takusen has the incredible ability to solidify his chakra, he can then create his notorious Chakra Moths, in the palm of his hands, these moths have no physical form, therefore Doton, and Weaponry have no effect on the moth, whilst Katon, Raiton and Suiton will all make the moth disperse. These chakra moths are a magenta color. Amazing traits these moths have are they can pass through living materials, and most defenses. The moth is created to eat the targets chakra from the inside via their tenketsu points, the moths can drain all the chakra from certain tenketsu points, once that point is drained of its chakra it will close, stopping the chakra flow, similar to how the Hyuuga strike tenketsu points, these moths do basically the same thing; it would roughly take one moth 15 posts to fully eat all the opponents’ chakra. Although Takusen usually dispatches more than just one moth, therefore covering more tenketsu points in less time. The amount of moths produced are dependent upon Takusen’s rank.
    Genin = 2 Moths
    Chuunin = 4 Moths
    Special Jounin = 7 Moths
    Jounin = 10 Moths
    Sannin/Kage = 15 Moths

    Katai Gatai Solid Moth Form
    D Rank Ninjutsu
    After creating moths in his palms, Takusen can add extra chakra, solidifying them to a psychical state, in which they are susceptible to Doton, Weaponry and Taijutsu. The moths can no longer enter the targets body, therefore removing their ability to eat the chakra from inside. This moth has many differences from the other moths, this moth can eat other things than just chakra, it can now eat skin, rocks, trees etc. Being able to eat these things, disabled the ability to pass through living materials.

    Gahakkaku Moth detection
    D Rank Ninjutsu
    By keeping all the moths relatively still and staying still himself, Takusen can gather movements in the air by the chakra moth's wings. In doing so, they can relatively pinpoint the location of a moving opponent.

    Gasupaiku Moth Spike
    D Rank Ninjutsu
    By performing a quick hand seal, after the creation of his moths, Takusen can make his chakra moths that have been Hardened, speed up, turning them into projectiles, they will fly in the direction they was currently headed, the moths body will change in mid flight, becoming a spike, it will then seem to suddenly burst forward from its original floating path.

    Gadoki Haijo Moth Poison Removal
    D Rank Ninjutsu
    During the creation stage of his moths, Takusen can apply extra chakra, and give his moths an extra ability. Once these moths enter the targets body, they will search and eat any foreign substances and poisons, this only goes up to medium strength poisons, and it may take awhile for the moth to actually find the poison/foreign substances.

    Gatai Ichi Moth Form One
    C Rank Ninjutsu
    After performing a long string of handseals, Takusen will open his arms, from the two black dots, Antenna will grow, and from the two slices in his back, Wings will form. This form gives Takusen a few advantages, along with a few disadvantages.
    Firstly, the Antenna, allows Takusen to sense any chakra within a mile radius. The Wings will then allow him to sort of glide, not fully fly in this state as the wings are only small, these wings lift Takusen’s body around 4 inches off the ground. Takusen’s skin will also harden giving him an advantage over Taijutsu, Doton and Weaponry techniques, as they will cause a little less damage. Weapons will still slice, but not as easily.
    The disadvantages of this form are that, Takusen is more prone to damage from Katon, Raiton and Suiton. Takusen while in this form cannot perform any jutsu, therefore he can’t create any moths, and the form also drains quite a lot of chakra.

    Ganottori Moth Takeover
    C Rank Ninjutsu
    Whenever a moth enters a Bunshin, the moth can eat the inner workings of the clone, causing it to be transferred over to the control of Takusen instead of the normal owner. This doesn't work on pure solid clones, such as Doton Bunshin. Due to the moth inside, the creator of the clone can't immediately dismiss the clone.

    Gabakuha Moth Explosion
    C Rank Ninjutsu
    After the creation of his moths, Takusen can forma quick hand seal, and the moths currently in the air, will explode with the power of an Exploding tag each. This is a simple but effective jutsu.

    Takusen was born to an average family, his father, an ex-Shinobi, and his mother was just a housewife, she maintained no job and did her duties as a mother. Takusen has only one brother, Takuga, he is already a shinobi, at Chuunin rank. Being 4 years older than Takusen, Takuga often trains Takusen, and is quite protective over his little brother. Takusen’s goal is to surpass his brother, and then his Father. This will only be told with time. Takusen always wanted to be a ninja, and was entered at the academy at a young age, he then graduated, at an age of 13.

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    You have a few too many jutsu. Remove two of the D-Ranks, and you should be good.

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    OK removed The Moth Flash and Moth Eye techniques

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