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    Konoha Gennin: Nakaki Ayano


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    Post  Ayano on Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:11 am

    Nakaki Ayano



    Ayano doesn’t like to communicate with words, and would rather use body language or nodding/shaking her head. If she ever speaks it is never something that doesn’t have to be said, like ha-ha, she would rather just smile. Although she is most skilled at melee combat, she prefers long range. And above all, shurikens above kunai. Ayano Is very easily impressed. To many people she seems “cold”. But she is actually pretty warm. She enjoys things as much as everybody else, but have problems showing it.
    Hobby: bird watching.

    Konoha Gennin: Nakaki Ayano Dc096e91



    Chakra Affinity►

    Secondary Affinity►
    Fire (doesn’t know yet)

    2 rolls of bandage. A towel. A knife and a book about birds. (This goes in the big satchel.)

    25 shurikens. 15 paper bombs. (In the small satchels) 3 poisonous “throwing feathers” attached to her hair,

    Fighting style►
    Ayano usually avoid attacks, and attack at one of the enemies open spots.



    Name: wind style: Twister shot.
    Requirements: Wind affinity
    C-rank jutsu
    Ayano wraps her left arm in a twister. It can be shot at will. And might also be used as a melee weapon.

    Name: Wind style: shuriken eagles
    C-Rank jutsu
    Throwing shuriken(s) up in the air. Ayano enhances the shuriken(s) in wind chakra, forming an eagle around them making them able to steer and go faster.

    Name: Falcons Fist:
    C-rank jutsu
    this jutsu expels chakra from the fist forming into a large falcon head around the fist. It increases speed of the punch and overall effectiveness capable of throwing an opponent back some distance.

    Name: Rising Phoenix:
    B-rank jutsu
    this technique creates a chakra phoenix to burst from the ground and has the ability to charge the enemy and hit them causing a heavy impact. More devastating when used directly under an opponent but less chance to hit since it cannot quickly turn to counter enemies dodge.
    Can be enhanced with elemental chakra to perform different effects.

    Name: Wing Clip:
    C-rank jutsu
    a versatile move used as offence or defense. The defensive use lets the opponent swing there arm in front of them forming a large wing of chakra to block attacks from the front. The offensive is short – medium range in which the wing can be used to slam into an opponent with a decent impact.

    Ayano grew up in a rather wealthy family. And since “kids are supposed to be seen, not heard” she evolved the habit of not talking. She never did anything but wander around the house. Ayano always felt envy of the birds, how they could fly, and be so free. The quite opposite of what she were at that point. Ayano always wanted to become a ninja. She asked her parents to start at the ninja academy when she as 10. Her mother thought it was a great idea, but her father didn’t like it. After almost a month, she was allowed by her father to begin at konohas ninja academy. She worked hard to pass the academy, but failed the first graduation. Then after a long time training very single day, she graduated. And then, finally, her father that didn’t like her training to be a ninja. Felt a bit proud of her.

    Thanks to akane for the 3 last jutsus.

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    Post  Teashi on Thu Jun 10, 2010 11:30 am

    Accepted by Teashi : D

    A Kage may want to re-check this, just a heads up : 3

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